Pat Pike, The Rapping Teacher, was extremely concerned in 1986 when test scores indicated that children were having difficulty reading---yet they were able to recite all of the words to the Super Bowl Shuffle and other raps.  She believes that learning should be fun and since rap had children’s attention, she created the WORDBUSTER Reading Rap so that children would learn reading rules as they rapped to the beat!

After writing the rap and creating the music, she was ready to go into the studio to record it. She realized that she needed background singers---so she grabbed her three children (then ages 5, 7, and 9) and her parents-and ran to the recording studio!

Many teachers and parents enjoyed using the WORDBUSTER Reading Rap and they encouraged her to create a workbook to accompany the music. Pat Pike not only created a student workbook, she also created a Teacher’s Edition. Each book contained a section entitled Creating Educational Raps.

Using an integrated learning approach through lessons in writing, reading, music, math and poetry, her students were able to use textbooks to write educational raps.

As a result of her innovative teaching strategies, she became a part-time curriculum writer for Chicago Public Schools, and she did numerous teacher in-services between 1986 and 1996.

In 2007, while veteran teacher, Pat Pike was tutoring third grade students in math, she found that they were having difficulty recalling their multiplication math facts.  She discovered that when she created and sang a melody line for the products- and then presented the multiplication facts- the children were better able to recall their facts.

She collaborated with her musically gifted son and 2004 Chicago Idol Winner, Russoul, and thus the Math-a-Magic Multiplication CD was created! Russoul expresses that his experience in the recording studio when he was nine years old left an indelible impression on him.  Her other son, Bradley is currently a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools and he wrote and recorded the Test Prep Rap with his six year old son, Angelo.

The Rapping Teacher and New Addition, a group of approximately ten to fourteen children present a lively, educational, interactive, motivational performance which consists of singing, and dancing to the WORDBUSTER Reading Rap and the MATH –A MAGIC MULTIIPLICATION CD. 

Pat Pike believes that in order to teach children, you must meet them at their level, and she makes learning fun!

CPS Vendor Number 90350

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